Cyber Security: Actionable Guidance For Your Organization

Are your systems safe from hacking and malware attacks? What would you do if your business or non-profit experienced a security breach? We can assess your network and cloud services for vulnerabilities and make specific recommendations to harden both your on-premises and cloud systems, including:

  • Patch assessment
  • Network vulnerability scanning
  • Best practices verification
  • Email and cloud storage security assessment
  • 2 Factor Authentication and compliance auditing with Duo Security
  • Advanced Web Filtering and DNS Protection



Once we’ve evaluated the state of your security, we can help you implement our recommendations and educate your users on best security practices, helping you comply with both government and customer security requirements.

Our managed IT service can continue to protect your infrastructure from hackers and malware. Our multi-layered approach to security continuously protects your network at the firewall, server and workstation levels. We also offer email and file services with detailed security protocols and filtering to protect your users again phishing attacks and malware that can threaten data, privacy and intellectual property.

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