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Here are instructions to secure your Geek Girls End User portal with 2 Factor Authentication. There are several steps, but each step is very quick and simple. You’ll only have to perform this setup once. If you need help, call us.

These instructions assume you have already downloaded the Authy app on your phone. If you haven’t, you can download it now.

Log into the Geek Girls End User Portal as you normally do at:








If you haven’t previously set up 2FA, you’ll see  instructions  like those below:


Screenshot 2








Open You Authy App on your phone and click the gear in the upper right to go to Settings:










Now click the Accounts button at the bottom of the screen:











Click the plus sign in the upper right to add a new account:











Tap the big blue button at the bottom. Then hold you phone up to your computer screen so the app on your phone can scan and read the QR code on your computer screen:












After you successfully scan the QR code on your laptop, you’ll see a screen similar to the one below on your phone:










(You can ignore the message to select another logo unless your aesthetic sensibility is disturbed by the generic logo.)


If you wish, you can type in a name that’s easy to remember:













Tap the big blue “Done” button in the app. Tap Exit on the upper left corner on your phone.










Now search for the account you just created in the app by typing in the search bar. You’ll see a code on your phone:












Important: Your code will be different from the code in the picture above.


Now enter the code you see on your app in the field at the bottom of the box on your computer screen:










Click “Submit”. You’ve finished setting up 2FA. Your account is now secure!

From now on, every time you log into your account, you will be prompted for a new code. You can go to the account on your app, just as you did above, to get the new code from your app and enter it on your computer. Even better, you can download the Authy desktp app onto your Windows or Mac computer, copy the code from the desktop app,  and paste the code directly into the login prompt. That way you never have to type the code; instead you just cut and paste.