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This morning I received an email that looked EXACTLY like the billing email notifications I get from Verizon, except it said my bill was $1800! ALthough I suspected it might be a fake, I returned from a trip to Europe recently so it was feasible that some billing erro had occurred when my plan was changed back to domestic. The message claimed the amount had been deducted from my bank account. Then I remembered that my Verizon bill is paid automatically on my credit card, not from my bank account. I moused over the link in the email and, as I expected, in the status bar a completely unrelated URL showed up.

Reminder: if you get an email from any company asking you to log into your account, don’t click the link in the email to access your account! Instead open your web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox, etc.) and type in the URL directly.

When I opened my browser and typed in and logged into my account, my normal bill was there, all paid up.

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