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To all my valued clients and customers:

As the owner of New York Geek Girls, I strive to go the extra mile for our clients. This includes being here for you to answer computer-related questions you may have. Up until now, we have often provided phone and email advice as a courtesy to our current clients. I have been happy to answer a “quick question” here or there. However, as our client base has grown, the total amount of time I am spending on these quick questions has become unmanageable and has started to detract from my ability to provide the best service to my clients.

So that I can continue to help out clients when they call me, I have been looking for a solution. One idea was to simply raise our rates to build this time into our fees. However, this does not seem fair to the clients who do not need or use this type of support. After much consideration, I have decided that the most reasonable solution is to implement a policy of consistently charging for this support.
Starting in September, all phone support will be billed at our regular rate in 10-minute increments with a 10-minute minimum per phone call. Email support will be billed at our regular rate in 10-minute increments with a 10-minute minimum per “email conversation”. An email conversation is defined as an exchange of emails about the same issue within a reasonable time period, usually a couple of weeks unless there are extenuating circumstances. (In plain English, if you email me a brief question and I reply, and then you send a follow-up email, you will NOT be billed two “minimums”.)

• Charges will NOT apply to follow-up calls or emails regarding work performed in the previous two weeks.
• Charges will NOT apply to calls regarding hardware or software that you purchased from us in the previous two weeks.
• Questions regarding a quote which our company provided for a new computer will be regarded as sales calls and will NOT be charged. (However, calls for advice on a computer which you are thinking of buying elsewhere WILL be charged.)
• Obviously, phone calls or emails to schedule a service call or to ask questions about our rates and policies will not be charged.

In all situations in which none of the above conditions apply, you will be billed for phone and email support.

If you believe your support request should be exempted, please request this before we provide the support as exemptions requested after the support has been provided may not be considered.

If you have any questions or comments about this policy, feel free to contact me.

I do value your business and hope you understand the need for us to implement this policy so that I can remain accessible to you while providing the best support and service possible. This has always been and continues to be my primary goal.

Thank you for your business. We appreciate it!


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