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Time Warner Broadband in New Jersey has a new way to hustle its customers. When you call them for tech support, they have their tech support people trying to sell you some sort of “turbo”-speed internet product. Of course, they insist they are not trying to sell you anything because it’s free for the first year. But if I’m calling tech support about an unacceptably slow internet connection (as I did for a residential client today), they should be focused on fixing the problem. Instead they seem to be attempting to distract the customer from the actual issue at hand (in this case a failing modem) to sell her something she doesn’t need and that won’t fix the problem she’s calling about.

Remember way back when large companies did not engage in this sort of behavior because their reputation for integrity was more important than the few extra dollars to be made ripping off good customers? My clients are frequently happy to pay me to protect them from these predators. But I still wish we lived in a world where it wasn’t necessary.

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